Venturing Under Public Suspicion

Following the ideology of 'folie à deux' ('madness for two') constructed by the late Charles Lasègue, folie À PLUSIEURS ('madness of several') interrogates the shared anxiety of a nation and its public in times of great uncertainty.

"Through malaise and paranoia, induced by popular culture, international politics and the COVID-19 pandemic, I found myself spying on my own actions, in addition to the actions of those surrounding me, resulting in a journalistic investigative of personal environments."

198 x 129 mm
200 g
72 pages
200 gsm silk
Edition of 100

Published & distributed by: CID-98

SAS Series Vol. 1

Focusing profucsely on the subject of people-watching, public surveillance, and self-image/appreciation.

With Alfie White, Carter O’Sullivan, Doron Beuns, Elisabeth Kiko, Emily Bowler, Izak Slater, Jesse D Nicholls, Miles Tuddenham (as Jonty Beudegarde IV), Patricia Sandu, Samuel Finch, Sophie Holden, Stephen Tadiwanashe Gombakomba & Sufwan Najjar.

148 x 210 mm
150 g
52 pages
100 gsm silk
Edition of 100

Published & distributed by: publications